Mom and son sitting on stone wall in Ottawa
Dancing on the beach with husband while kids play with sand, Ottawa
Walking through sunflowers with the whole family, Ottawa


How do you photograph families?

I love creating a fun environment for you and your children. The best moments happen when parents are relaxed and kids are being kids. I start my sessions by getting to know you and your family. I walk you through the session by providing guidance for poses and suggesting ways to have your children engaged and smiling! Lots of games, songs and tickles!

What is a lifestyle session?

In a lifestyle session, I aim to capture real-life moments between you and your family. The goal of lifestyle is to photograph the story of your lives in that moment. Lifestyle sessions can be family, newborn or maternity sessions. If you want more information about lifestyle sessions please contact me and I will gladly guide you through one of my lifestyle sessions.

How much does it cost?

Packages start at $180. Please contact me for more information and to discuss the best package for you and your family.

When will we get our photos?

You will receive an online digital gallery link with all your photos within a maximum of 4 weeks. You can then download all of the photos from the gallery and print as many as you'd like.

What should we wear to a session?

Overall, I want you to feel great and be comfortable in what you are wearing! I do suggest wearing simple, light coloured clothing and trying to coordinate colours between family members. This doesn't mean everybody has to wear the same colour, just similar tones. I also suggest avoiding big stripes, patterns, and logos. If you want help with deciding your outfits for your session, I am always willing to discuss your options!

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