Birth photography at Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre -- Ottawa


My best friend's birth story (from the viewpoint of a photographer)

On Oct. 9, Amy messaged me to let me know her water broke and the baby was coming. I initially didn’t believe her because just mere hours before she was telling me she didn't think it was going to happen. At my house, I started to prepare. I made sure all my gear was packed, grab some snacks and water and put my littles ones to bed. Amy then messaged me when she arrived at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre and I quickly headed out, because I know from experience, second babies don’t wait! When I arrived, I was greeted by Amy’s midwife, Melissa, from Midwife Collective of Ottawa. I knew immediately that Amy was in good hands.

As labour progressed, Amy became more quiet between contractions and made her way to the birthing tub. At 00:00, before the next contraction, there was a quick mini celebration that the baby was going to be born on 10.10 (Amy was hoping for this iconic date)! As a birth photographer, I was cognizant of making sure I was capturing the emotions of the birthing process, and being sensitive to what was happening in that moment. If you are worried about what a photographer may see during birth, don’t be! I was so focused on capturing Amy and Shaun during this time, and then preparing to capture the moment of birth, that I didn’t even notice any of the stuff that may make you hesitate about hiring a birth photographer.

And like a total champ, Amy gave birth and made it look easy! And just like that Amy and Shaun went from a family of 3 to 4. Having gone through labour and birth myself, it was absolutely amazing to see what a woman’s body can do (because I really don't remember my children being born). From the moment Amy’s labour started to when she gave birth, she displayed so much strength, focus and determination. It was absolutely incredible to witness. I stayed and captured Amy and Shaun finding out the gender of the baby (spoiler alert, it’s a girl!), the weighing and measuring of the baby, Daddy holding his little girl for the first time, and lots of skin on skin time for Mommy and baby.

Thank you Amy and Shaun for asking me to be a part of your story and getting to capture those precious first moments. If you have any questions about birth photography please don’t hesitate to ask either myself or Amy Pinder Photography.